Sunday, 27 January 2013

Nintendo Virtual Console - 50 Hz matters MORE than you Think

A few days ago Nintendo surprised us all with some great announcements and the news that their virtual console for the Wii U was up and running with 1 game available for just 30 pence. Balloon Fight is a fun little diversion, and for 30p well worth your effort.

However it is marred by one thing for all European (and I assume Autralian and everywhere else that uses the PAL system), the game runs at 50hz. Surprisingly, this actually is a bigger deal than it sounds.

Please, watch this video, read the article, and then click on this link: to tell Nintendo that they can't get away with selling damaged goods.

Tuesday, 22 January 2013

The Neutronium Alchemist Review

‘The Neutronium Alchemist’ demonstrates many things; drama, action, wit, intelligence but most of all it boasts staying power. I read and enjoyed ‘The Reality Dysfunction’ although I commented on how bloated it felt; incorporating many plot threads that went nowhere or weren’t developed upon. It’s a description I stand by, the first book in this trilogy could have been a much tighter more condense read, however those extra chapters weren’t just fat. Slowly but surely Peter F. Hamilton has been placing all the pieces on the board for an enormous free for all which ‘The Neutronium Alchemist’ boasts freely.

Wednesday, 9 January 2013

The Reality Dysfunction Review

Be warned: ‘The Reality Dysfunction’ is a long book. Over 1225 pages in fact, and even then it gives only the first chapter of a truly epic story that spans multiple solar systems, species and planes of existence. If I had to sum up Peter Hamilton's achievements here in one word I would simply use 'epic'.

Tuesday, 8 January 2013

‘A Sincere Warning About the Entity in your Home…’ Review


'A Since Warning about the entity in your home' is a short read, just long enough to properly draw you in to its twisted little world but still short enough to be comfortably devoured in one sitting. Written in the form of a letter, sent to the owner of a new property from the unknown previous tenant, writer Jason Arnopp slowly and gradually reveals a disturbing tale. It’s purpose is simple; to present the properties new incumbent with the facts of the situation and let them know of the extreme measures that will be necessary for them to escape a suitably grisly fate.