Friday, 1 January 2010

Audio Reviews and Bernice Summerfield

I'd like to direct anyone interested to Audio Reviews
A great site for reviews of audio books, predominately pushed towards Doctor Who (Big Finish mainly) but with plans to branch out. I've been contributing a marathon of Bernice Summerfield adventures, both paperback fiction and full cast audio dramas.

Anyone unfamiliar with Bernice Summerfield, I can't recommend enough that you should give her a go. Basically, over 20 years ago now, she was conceived of to be a new companion for Virgin's Doctor Who book range. When the license to produce Doctor Who Science Fiction ran out they produced solo Bernice Summerfield stories, then folded and the license was transferred to Big Finish.

It’s a fantastic Sci Fi series, with just the right mixture of dark fantasy, comedy, horror and soap melodrama. There have now been 10 series of audio stories and over 30 books since Big Finish took up the range, and with a few exceptions you can easily jump on and off at any point.

Go to Big Finish to find out more

(P.S. If anyone else wants to contribute to audio reviews (of Doctor Who or beyond), get in touch with either myself or Phil, who runs the site. He's always looking for more content, its the reason the site is there,)

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